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Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making

The thing that makes an expert an expert, is not actually length of practice, but THE WAY THEY THINK.

Ditch the Overwhelm will teach you how to apply the Hypertonicity Intervention Planning Model, a structured evidence-based decision-making process, so that you'll ALWAYS know what to do next (and NEVER feel overwhelmed again)!



Another way that experts excel is in the way they organise and then apply domain-specific knowledge. They learn to quickly differentiate characteristic patterns within their area of expertise.

After Ditching the Overwhelm, you'll know how to quickly appraise a client's arm and hand, and decide on the best treatment option to start with.

Clinical Skills

Do you feel overwhelmed at assessing which muscles to recommend for Botulinum-toxin injections? Or how to adjust the SaeboFlex? Or when and how to apply serial casts?

Ditch the Overwhelm offers opportunities to develop confident clinical skills through step-by-step learning modules and LIVE online clinical support.

Translation of Research to Practice

Have you ever been slightly anxious about being judged as "not evidence-based enough"? Yep, I've been there too!

With Ditch the Overwhelm you'll learn a structured approach for intentionally applying different types of knowledge (practice-based, research-based, client-elicited) in a transparent and systematic way.

Client-Centred Practice

As therapists, we pride ourselves on delivering client-centred service, don't we? But we also know that a tricky thing about people with neuro-affected upper limbs is that EVERY.ONE. IS.DIFFERENT!

Research shows that clinicians who use the Hypertonicity Intervention Planning Model (HIPM) are more equipped to address individual UL problems. And you'll learn how when you join Ditch the Overwhelm!


Do you quake inside at the thought of supporting a client to visit a specialist? Are you confused about how to justify your clinical choice of a resting splint to colleagues?

Ditch the Overwhelm offers opportunities for developing confidence in all aspects of upper limb neuro practice by increasing your clinical skills, knowledge, understanding of relevant research, and consistent decision-making.

The Best Things About

Ditch the Overwhelm?

Spending Time with Kathy

So many options for talking through the real-life clinical challenges that you face every day:

  • 6 x 75-Minute One-to-One Mentoring Sessions

  • Monthly 90-Minute Mentoring Sessions

  • 24/7 Private Messenger Group

  • Private Neuro Upper Limb Facebook Group


The community at neurotherapy.online offers:

  • An Interactive, Non-Judgemental Learning Zone

  • Consistent Small-Group Membership that supports trust-building

  • Peers who willingly share their own expertise and knowledge

  • Opportunities to share wins and get help with roadblocks

  • On-the-Go advice and support during your workday

  • Accountability (we'll check that you tried that thing you said you would!)

  • FUN while learning useful stuff!!

A New Way of Framing Your Practice

The Hypertonicity Intervention Planning Model (HIPM) provides a structure that guides clinical reasoning and decision-making so that you can:

  • Start With The End In Mind (know where you're going from the very first client meeting!)

  • Efficiently Gather Relevant Assessment Data

  • Quickly Categorise impairment, current functional capacity and likely functional outcomes

  • Anticipate Development of Complications such as spasticity, contracture or persistent pain

  • Identify Relevant Client and Situational Factors that may affect outcomes

  • Differentiate between 'Ideal Clinical Goals' and 'Attainable, Client-Centred Goals'

  • Confidently Offer Appropriate Interventions

  • Regularly Evaluate Intervention Outcomes

  • Go home each day knowing that you've provided your clients with BEST PRACTICE UL Neuro Services!

Seeing The Change!

Consistent, well-reasoned practice is evident in effective client outcomes such as these:

Before Botulinum toxin, Casting and Splinting

After Botulinum toxin, Casting and Splinting

Before Serial Casting

After Serial Casting

Before Splinting

After Splinting

Let's Get to the Nitty-Gritty!

What's the Cost of a 12-month Membership?

Choose between two payment options:

Monthly Payments

12 x monthly payments


(Annual Total $1,992 AUD)


One-Off Payment

Make one payment when you join

$1,826 AUD



Who Should Consider Ditch the Overwhelm?

  • Clinicians who have a small business but feel alone 'out there'

  • Clinicians who want to start a neuro business but feel a bit anxious

  • Experienced clinicians who supervise staff in upper limb neuro

  • New clinicians who love neuro and want to make it their career

Why?? Because Ditch the Overwhelm Offers:

  • Situation- and client-specific mentoring and support

  • Guidance and support to start small (a frypan in the boot!) and expand with confidence

  • A confidential community of experienced clinicians who are enthusiastic, lifelong learners

  • A structured, long-term, client-centred approach to intervention management

If this is YOU and you want to find out more, let's chat:

Not Ready for Membership?

How About Mentoring, Consultancy, Clinical Support, On-Demand Courses, or a Textbook?

Mentoring, Consultancy, and Clinical Support

Direct your own mentoring with Kathy in a safe, confidential space. Focus on topics suited to your own workplace and learning needs. Up to 75 minutes per session via TEAMS. Clients welcome. Buy 3 sessions and get the 4th free!

AUD$180 (about USD$115) per session, or 4 sessions for AUD$540 (about USD$346)

A less expensive option for world-class mentoring!

Build community and shared support in regular monthly sessions via TEAMS.

Up to 90 minutes per session, 8 participants maximum.

Pay-per-Month (AUD$50, about USD$32) or Pay-for-a-Year (and get one month FREE!)

Just you, a friend and Kathy! Do you job-share, or share the same learning interests as your colleague? Split the costs for 5 hours of customised mentoring when you purchase 4 sessions for the price of 3!

AUD$215 (about USD$139) per session, or 4 sessions for AUD$645 (about USD$418)

Does your client have a complex upper limb presentation? Are you keen for some fresh eyes, and advice on treatment planning?

A joint TEAMS consultation with you, your client and Kathy may be just the thing!

AUD$193.99 per session, including NDIS

ON-DEMAND - Learn Wherever and Whenever You Choose

Video Courses (available NOW!)

The Neuro Shoulder

Oh.My.Gosh. All those muscles and movements, combined with weakness, spasticity and pain ... the shoulder is SO complex isn't it??

This 6-Module video course WILL NOT overwhelm you with anatomy! Instead, it will grow your clinical knowledge so that you are able to approach the neuro shoulder with confidence. LIVE tutorials included.

AUD$600 (about USD$461)

Discount available for repeat customers, or if 2 or more people purchase from the same workplace

Upper Limb Casting for Spasticity and Contracture

5 Video Modules including an up-to-date research review (for both adults and children), what equipment to buy and where to get it, the difference between serial, inhibitive and positioning casts and when to choose what, and step-by-step instructions on how to put a cast on and take it off!

PLUS 2 x LIVE tutorials to practice your newly-learned skills.

AUD$600 (about USD$461)

Discount available for repeat customers, or if 2 or more people purchase from the same workplace

Not the Modified Tardieu?!!

Does the thought of doing the Modified Tardieu Scale for a client with spasticity give you the shivers? It used to do that to me too - but not since I developed my own Cheat Sheet (included in this course)! Get the lowdown on how to quickly and easily figure out, and document, all those Vs and Rs in these RECORDINGS of a series of 2 x 2-hour LIVE Webinars.

AUD$97 (about USD$62)

Tone, Spasticity, Dystonia, Hypertonicity: WHAT???

These RECORDINGS of a series of 2 x 2-hour LIVE Webinars, take you on a deep dive into the components of 'normal' muscle tone, and how these relate to the 'dysfunctional' tonal patterns neuro clinicians see in their clients. Learn how to differentiate spasticity, dystonia, stiffness and mixed patterns, and the types of interventions that each responds to.

AUD$97 (about USD$62)

Fix This One Splinting Mistake
(and make the best-fitting resting splint EVERY time)!

This short video course provides a taste of the professional development that I'm offering inside neurotherapy.online. It's practical and clinically-focused - you'll build skills that Transform Your Practice. As well as increasing your clients' function and satisfaction.

And the best bit is, it's FREE!

Neurorehabilitation of the Upper Limb Across the Lifespan

(Copley & Kuipers 2014)


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