Professional Development Opportunities

with Kathy

Consultancy, Clinical Support, On-Demand Courses, and a Textbook

Consultancy and Clinical Support

Private and NDIS

Does your client have a complex upper limb presentation? Are you keen for some fresh eyes, and support with treatment planning? A joint TEAMS consultation with you, your client and Kathy may be just the thing! Up to 75-Minutes per session, with Replays.

AU$193.99 per session

You and Kathy

Individual mentoring and clinical support with Kathy in a safe, confidential space.

Buy one 75-Minute session or a Package (4 x 75-Minute Sessions/300-Minutes/5-Hours) to use as and when you choose!

20% discount on the Package.

AU$195 (one session)

or AU$780 AU$625 (4 sessions)

ON-DEMAND - Learn Wherever and Whenever You Choose

Video Courses (available NOW!)

Not the Modified Tardieu?!!

Does the thought of doing the Modified Tardieu Scale for a client with spasticity give you the shivers? It used to do that to me too - but not since I developed my own Cheat Sheet (included in this course)! Get the lowdown on how to quickly and easily figure out, and document, all those Vs and Rs in these RECORDINGS of a series of 2 x 2-hour Webinars.

60-minute LIVE Tutorial with Kathy included.

AUD$240 (about USD$157)

Tone, Spasticity, Dystonia, Hypertonicity: WHAT???

These RECORDINGS of a series of 2 x 2-hour Webinars, take you on a deep dive into the components of 'normal' muscle tone, and how these relate to the 'dysfunctional' tonal patterns neuro clinicians see in their clients. Learn how to differentiate spasticity, dystonia, stiffness and mixed patterns, and the types of interventions that each responds to.

60-minute LIVE Tutorial with Kathy included

AUD$240 (about USD$157)

The Neuro Shoulder

Oh.My.Gosh. All those muscles and movements, combined with weakness, spasticity and pain ... the shoulder is SO complex isn't it??

This 6-Module video course WILL NOT overwhelm you with anatomy! Instead, it will grow your clinical knowledge so that you are able to approach the neuro shoulder with confidence. LIVE tutorials included.

AUD$600 (about USD$461)

Discount available for repeat customers, or if 2 or more people purchase from the same workplace

Upper Limb Casting for Spasticity and Contracture

5 Video Modules including an up-to-date research review (for both adults and children), what equipment to buy and where to get it, the difference between serial, inhibitive and positioning casts and when to choose what, and step-by-step instructions on how to put a cast on and take it off!

PLUS 2 x LIVE tutorials to practice your newly-learned skills.

AUD$600 (about USD$461)

Discount available for repeat customers, or if 2 or more people purchase from the same workplace

Neurorehabilitation of the Upper Limb Across the Lifespan

(Copley & Kuipers 2014)

The ONLY Occupational Therapy Textbook dedicated to managing Complex Upper Limb Neuro!


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